sunnuntai 7. lokakuuta 2012


In May 2012, we all took photographs of those things close to us. Over 100,000 images were submitted by people from 165 countries. Through these visual documentations of our own lives and the existences of others, we can see how - on an apparently ordinary day - our world can be beautiful, ugly, fragile, frightening, joyous…but always remarkable.

This Monday (8 th October) some of your images will be simultaneously displayed throughout the day on 85,000 digital screens across the world. From Sydney to London, Dublin 
to Moscow, Shanghai to Cape Town, this will be the world’s largest photographic exhibition, with a potential audience of 46 million people. To find out which images are being shown and where you can go to see the exhibition, visit

- eli käy sinäkin kurkkaamassa miltä maailma näytti 15.5.2012. Täällä.

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